Stella, MSc International Fashion Marketing

Phattaranan Ruamchai is currently studying the MSc International Fashion Marketing course at GCU London. Below she talks about her course and her time studying at GCU London.

“They have lots of classes about fashion. It’s not just general knowledge; they’ve taught me professional knowledge.

“In one class, they taught me how to do a marketing plan through a real situation, a real simulation in class and that is fantastic. I feel like I am a marketer. Working in that company was very complicated and very hard but very fun.

“They’ve taught me not to just think about the profit when you are selling your fashion products, but you have to think about the environment too.

“All students are from different countries and that’s fantastic because I can hear about their experiences that they have different from me and it’s fantastic to be here!”

“It’s like my home, because it’s far from my mother home and this school is my new home for me!”