Silvia Giribona, MSc Global Marketing

Silvia Giribona

Silvia Giribona graduated from GCU London with an MSc in Global Marketing. Below she talks about her overall experience at the University.

" My favourite module was 'Product and Service Innovation and Global Logistics’ in the MSc Global Marketing programme because it required me to develop an innovative product from scratch. It was a unique experience as I realised that everyone can be creative and utilise their imagination to invent a new product. In addition, this project allowed me to develop team working skills where I learned to work with others who had different ideas, and together we organised the workload from the beginning to the end.


London is a multicultural capital city, and one of the most important benefits to me was that I could find the right job and cultivate my passion for marketing. Being a student in London meant I could participate in various enjoyable activities. It also allowed me to spend time with people who have different cultural backgrounds; opening up my horizons and sharing my life with people from all over the world.


Three months on from graduation, I received a job offer as a Marketing and Administrative Assistant in a fertility clinic based in Harley Street, London. Currently I am in charge of managing the social media pages of the clinic. I focus on conducting market research to analyse existing competitors who play a relevant role in the UK fertility market. With the results obtained, I develop new ideas to enhance the clinic's website, its blog and its social media.


Every day I notice how the MSc in Global Marketing has benefitted me on a professional level. The programme gave me the right tools to create innovative marketing solutions. I have developed knowledge of global branding from the creation of my personal brand, to the development of the right strategy for market launch. I also learnt how to work independently and organise my workload in the best way possible. Finally, the MSc programme taught me how to be proactive and inventive. All these factors have played a pivotal role in helping me to perform my job successfully and to the best of my ability."