Sarwat Murtaza, MSc Fashion Business Creation

Sarwat Murtaza has recently graduated from our MSc Fashion Business Creation  programme. Below she talks about her experience at GCU London.

“MSc Fashion Business Creation is the perfect course for people who are looking to start an enterprise in the fashion industry and I think I am very glad I joined this programme because it would be a strong KPI to achieve the goals of my life. One of my favourite modules was Global Fashion Branding and Marketing Communications. It actually allowed me to be creative, hardworking and utilise all my knowledge into practicality. For example, we get to set up a live pop-up shop in Brent Cross shopping mall which was a wonderful learning experience overall. From setting up a brand from scratch to its execution, implementation and marketing and to see what is working and what is not in the fashion industry - it was the just the highlight of my entire Masters course.

“MSc Fashion Business Creation has increased my confidence in being an entrepreneur and improved my skills and knowledge to a whole new level. I think studying in London is a bonus point and this course is so unique because it gives you an overview of all aspects of fashion business such as branding, marketing, financing and internationalisation etc. So, at the end of the course it totally depends on the person and which specific field he or she wants to go (into). As far as I am concerned I think I would definitely go into the marketing and merchandising field because that is where my interest lies. Furthermore, like I said this course has helped me to double up my entrepreneurship skills and for that reason I am definitely starting my own start-up in the future.

“GCU London is a small campus compared to other universities. Having said that teachers and students know each other very well and GCU staff is always ready to help out whenever you reach out to them, whether it is related to your course or not and they are always here to guide you to a better direction. Furthermore, I would say that there are lots of activities going on within the campus and outside, especially the guest lectures from renowned people of fashion industries who came and spoke about their experience which was remarkable.”