Rizal Al Idrus, MSc Public Health

Rizal studies the MSc Public Health course at GCU London. Here he talks about his course and his experience studying with us.

“At GCU London, I especially like the class. Because it’s a small class. It’s very effective. In my opinion, it’s more effective than having a big class. I enjoy GCU London because the staff are very nice – both the Academic staff and support staff are very nice.

“I enjoy two mainly things in my Masters in Public health. First is my classmates, they always support me, they give me feedback anytime, they share everything not only about my courses but about my daily life, how’s life in London and how to get good points in class. Secondly, I like the lectures. Not only about its timings, but also, the support from library and easy access to materials from GCU.

“About London, I think almost everyone in this world, wants to go to London once. It is a beautiful and multi-cultural city. As a student, I can learn about culture, how to manage time and how people here keep discipline and time management.

“Student life in GCU London is colorful. For me, it’s not just about academics. At GCU London they give you chance to be academic but also to be social. They have a lot of seminars, social gatherings, and a big community to join.”