Rita Errai, MBA Luxury Brand Management

Rita studied on the MBA Luxury Brand Management programme at GCU London. Here she talks about her course, the guest lectures she’s attended and the places she has visited as part of her course.

“I chose this University because it offers the MBA Luxury brand Management programme which is a rare and new course. It focuses on modern issues and growing regions of the world which pulled me in even more.

“It has a great location and an international environment. There are many reasons why I’ve made this decision and I confirm I am glad I did.

“What I have enjoyed most about studying at GCU is the lectures given by professors who are helpful and most importantly are professionals in each of the chosen fields. This made us look forward to the lectures where we learned a lot of relevant and up to date information. The way professors include students into the lesson was very motivating as well.

“Our program leader Tim Jackson organised lectures by guest speakers who visited us on the campus to give us more insights regarding the reality of the luxury industry which was very interesting and enjoyable because we learned from specialists and professionals.

“The highlights of this MBA were definitely the trips we went on, for example, Bicester village and Chapel Down Vineyard in Kent. So not only did we learn from specialists in our field over there but it was also an opportunity to enjoy time with classmates outside a classroom setting.

“Another highlight would be the variety of subjects we covered during the course. This MBA has improved my knowledge in some subjects that I have previously studied but most importantly introduced me to others that I never thought I’d enjoy such as finance or legal aspects.

“Overall, this MBA has greatly expanded my knowledge in an enjoyable way.”