Pietro Poletti, MSc Risk Management

Pietro Poletti graduated from GCU London in 2016 after completing the MSc Risk Management programme. Pietro, originally from Italy, now works in London as an Assistant Underwriter for Lloyd’s Insurance Syndicate.

“My experience in GCU was really very nice experience. Because of my professors, people I have met, the course both in the campus and outside campus hours were something remaining in my memory of my experience here. I met a group of really interesting people from around the world. Coming from an Italian university, here I met a multi-cultural environment with friends I am still contact with. The professors were really prepared. And they came from different environment which mean they brought us different views on what risk management is and carry different opportunities around the concept of risk management. The classes gave me both theoretical and practical examples of what I would face in my working career. I think, all of these concepts gave me experience from a 360 degree perspective which really helped me finding a job and enjoying what I do.

“Currently, I work as an Assistant underwriter in Lloyd’s Insurance Syndicate. which means I assist the senior underwriter in quoting and offering insurance coverage to multinational cooperation’s and smaller enterprises. I think they must have given me something that a lot of people in current work environment do not have which is technical skills. I felt when I was doing my first interviews that I was a step ahead of other people because of the knowledge I learnt from my Masters.

“Aside from this, opportunities at GCU including getting work experience as an intern, really helped me in being a step ahead of other people getting this job.

“I enjoyed a lot the dual aspect of the course focusing on both insurance and finance which gave me a broader view of what risk management is. So it’s not focusing on just one aspect like the other course I found before, which I think was really helpful for my career which gave me broader perspective. Then after the course I decided to focus on one of the selected aspects more, indeed I now work in insurance but it was really helpful to focus on finance part as well.

“The Best part of studying in London is London itself is a majestic city. It’s full of different people from around the world. So the experience is something incredible which you won’t be able to find somewhere else in the world. People from all different continents, bringing ideas, bringing traditions and I found a really open environment here where you are free, you can discuss arguments with friends from around the world. It was big part of my experience here. Maybe if I didn’t come to London I wouldn’t have this experience my master as I did here.

“Life in GCU London, despite being a smaller campus, the environment here for master students from fashion to finance to risk management is really something spectacular. Because you have the opportunity to face yourself with people studying different courses and being in the middle of the city, you are still part of bigger family all working in the same area. It gave me two perspectives, the people you meet in a small campus you feel like a family and second was to be really in touch, connected with job opportunities afterwards. So I was really close to city and be connected to what I really wanted to do after afterwards. “