Nele Natalie Odzuck, MBA Luxury Brand Management

Nele studied the MBA Luxury Brand Management course at GCU London and graduated in June 2017. Here she talks about her course and her experience studying at GCU London.

“I saw the MBA Luxury Brand Management course at GCU London and it was one of the only Universities that offer this course. It’s a very specific course that is not very mainstream and I think most of the courses at GCU London are not mainstream and are very specific and interesting”

“I just really wanted to go to all of the classes because I was so interested in everything and to me it didn’t feel like going to University, it was more like meeting my friends and listening to things I’m really interested in.”

“There was no topic within my course that didn’t seem interesting to me. Even ‘Legal Aspects of Brand Management’ was really interesting to me and I wouldn’t have thought that before.”

“London for me is a great city as a German, especially because of the people – the British people are just so polite!“

“I just love the area; it’s one of the best places in London. The campus itself is very modern, very nice. You have a great view over London, you don’t have to go to a rooftop bar you can just sit here in the University!“