Neha Kannoth, MSc International Fashion Marketing

Neha Kannoth

Neha Kannoth, an MSc International Fashion Marketing graduate with GCU London, shares her experience of studying at GCU London and her successful career since her graduation. Neha now works for the as Ad-Sales Account Manager.

"I had always wanted to move to London and do my Master's from a well reputed university. I had reviewed and applied to a few other universities at that time.

However, the course program at GCU London made the most sense to me. It was the perfect mix of business training, industry knowledge and practical experience.

My academic experiences in the marketing department at GCU, combined with the business project that I undertook with Dorothy Perkins during the year I was at university, served as the primary resources that prepared me for a career in advertising and business development."

"My best memories of the University are of the times I have spent with my peers at the campus. Our class was a dynamic bunch of multicultural people, from all over the world. I learnt some of the most valuable social & business lessons within that year from my fellow students and the teaching staff. In short, I am glad I chose GCU London in completing my Master's program."

"After graduating from GCU London I went to work for brands such as Massimo Dutti and later to Aston Martin Collection as a Sales & Social Media Manager. I currently work in Dubai with one of the leading career portals -, as an Ad-Sales Account Manager."

"My professors Christopher Moore, Julie McColl, and Karinna Nobbs had a great impact on me during my year at GCU London. The course has helped me to understand marketing in the business world, and the learnings I've gained, help me to perform at my current job to my best abilities."

"The one advice I would give to any other students would be: don't be afraid to ask questions, don't be too shy to ask for help & don't be too busy to make friends. GCU London is an amazing place to meet new people, share new ideas & learn great things, from some of the most intelligent peers, and make sure you utilise this to the fullest."