Franziska Biesterfeldt,MBA Luxury Brand Management

Franziska Biesterfeldt is a current student on the MBA Luxury Brand Management programme. Below she talks about the course and her life as a GCU London student.

"Life at GCU London as a student I think is generally very rich in variety, very inspiring and it is challenging in the right proportions. The campus itself is located directly in Shoreditch, next to Brick Lane which is amazing when you walk in the morning to university. You just feel very alive in the multicultural environment and the city is just very vibrant.

"I really enjoyed two modules - which are Finance and Wealth Management on the one hand because it really demonstrated the bigger picture of global economics, and on the other hand,  Luxury Perspective and Practice which is very zeitgeist-related. Overall both of those modules made me very interested in politics, which brings me to the second point. The whole programme is extremely current so everything you discuss you can find it on the news and think, ‘well this is relevant to this module, this is relevant to that module’.

"We have lots of guest speakers. This is interesting because it looks at the industry from different angles and you have the opportunity to talk to [the guest speakers] afterwards. For instance, Sir Eric Peacock has been here. He is a renowned entrepreneur and he spoke about small and medium-sized businesses and how they do international trade. Another different aspect was William Plane, he is working in Savigny Partners doing luxury investment so the financial aspect (of Luxury Brand Management).

"Academically speaking, I’m very amazed by the passion of all the lecturers. Especially when it gets to the end of term your motivation is still up, which is amazing! So, I think it is very easy to learn from Professors who are enthusiastic about their fields and are very committed to their subjects.

"Being a student in London is positively overwhelming, it’s very inspiring. I think London is a great place for international exposure. Even if you just walk through the city, everyone is very busy, but for  me, it feels like everyone has a drive and a mission, and its just very inspiring.

"The MBA course in Luxury Brand Management made me understand the bigger picture and now I am considering different opportunities and excited [about] what comes next!"