Flemming Hansen, MSc IMBD

Flemming Hansen

Flemming Hansen studied MSc International Management and Business Development course at GCU London.

“I used to study Fashion and Textile Management so when a GCU London staff member presented the campus at my former university I decided to join GCU. I wanted to complete a Master’s degree in an English speaking country. London is a beautiful place to study especially when you are a foreign student.

I have always been interested in globalisation and global businesses. Understanding different business models and methods is a significant factor of success for international operating companies. In order to work for an international company, it is more than just helpful have to a deep understanding in this field to secure a competitor advantage. That’s why GCU London’s course is suitable for my future career plan and a good continuation of my Bachelor degree.

I really realised the cultural differences between each country. The work mentality and the advanced level of educational requirements are very different from what I am used to. In the beginning, it was challenging to understand people’s views and work but it became easier to adapt to after a few weeks.

I have had the opportunity to meet people from many places from around the world and also be a part of one of the most influential cities.

Studying in London has really opened my mind. People from thousands kilometres away from my hometown have become my good friends and I have discovered new countries and mentalities where my own views on work and life are different. All these factors have added to my journey significantly.

My advice to future students would be to find a part time job or a hobby alongside your studies to practise your English. It’s always good to have something to take a break from your studies.”