Faiz Subhani, MSc IBFRM

Faiz Subhani

Faiz Subhani, an MSc International Banking, Finance and Risk Management graduate with GCU London, shares his experiences of studying at GCU London and explains his ambitious plans for the future.

“As I was interested in undertaking research on investment banking for my postgraduate research degree, when I look at the blend of MSc in International Banking, Finance and Risk Management course, it seems to me fit with my future career objectives."

“Furthermore, MSc in International Banking, Finance and Risk Management focuses on all three areas (bank management, finance and risk management) of modern banking which are key to having a successful career in a well reputed international bank. Therefore, the choice of GCU and the course was very logical to me.”

“The quality of teaching throughout my 1.5 years stay at GCU is commendable. I particularly noticed, all the students managed to develop good rapport with lecturers which has positive impact on the student education and helped them to achieve their educational goals. The course is structured in a way that makes you well equipped to encounter challenges in practical life for those who are particularly interested to pursue their career in financial services. During the course we were encouraged to get access to real financial services data with the help of Thomson Reuters Database and to analyse it with the application of different software like Palisade @risk.”

“I have always been interested in becoming an educationist. Currently I’ve made an application for my PHD to different universities and I'm waiting for the response from them. “

“GCU has made a great contribution to helping me realise my career objectives. They've done this by offering me the right blend of course and then teaching me how to collect and analyse the quantitative data.

“MSc at GCU allowed me to undertake various research projects on different areas of study that have enhanced my research and analytical skills. These skills would help me to undertake a large scale research project successfully at PHD level and publish my work for well reputed journals.”

“Don’t be afraid of making mistakes and failing in life but always learn from your mistakes. Life is full of challenges, and we need to learn to deal with those challenges. The best way to overcome challenges is to work hard and focus on your objectives. At times, we all feel very low and have known and unknown fears. During such difficult times, we need to look at the positive things around us and take our drive and energy from them.”