Emily Aye, MSc Luxury Brand Marketing

“To be honest, the lectures and learning process is really fun. However, the best thing about coming here was meeting students from all over the globe. There was actually only me and one more English student here, others were all international or from Europe, so it was really cool meeting likeminded people and make new friends, who have the same interest as you. I’m still really good friends with some of the people that I met here and I am sure I will be friends with them for a very long time. So that was definitely one of the best things.

“I enjoyed the lectures a lot and specifically we had a lot of guest speakers coming in so someone who works in luxury brands like Burberry, Massimo Dutti, we had the head buyer coming in from Arcadia to give the talk, and also the guy that leads the website for Primark. So yeah, we really had good speakers in and also the modules I really enjoyed. One particular was the Global branding and Integrated Marketing Communications module with Matteo Montecchi. He was also one of the best lecturers I have ever had, he was really good. And that module gave me the journey I want to take in future; I want to go in global branding now after having graduated.

“It’s the best thing to live here in London, but particularly in Brick lane, I would always come on weekends they have got really nice bars, restaurants, good night outs here, there is a massive Art scenes, so while you studying you always see different tours going around because of the graffiti and different street artists that are here. This area just got real buzz about it and there is always lots of stuff to do for free as well and if you have got money, it’s even better as there is more stuff to do. So this is really good place to study.

“The best thing about being student here is definitely the learning process; they invest a lot of time in you. And obviously if you go to meetings, there learning process is really good. The teachers make sure you really understand and make sure you understand they keep in contact by email so the help is always there if you ask for it as well.”