Aureole Liptia, MSc Public Health

Aureole Liptia

‌Aureole is a qualified Pharmacist and studied the MSc Public Health course at GCU London. Upon graduating in June 2015, she told us about her experience studying here.

"I'm a Pharmacist and a Doctor in Pharmacy so when I came to GCU London I wanted to learn, to have an insight in public health and maybe some social action also. I learnt a lot about epidemiology and community based assessment.

"I actually took a placement with a university in Spain and that was great because it opened all kind of doors for me. It showed me that in Public Health there is actually more than what I originally thought it was. So I've learnt a lot.

"After graduation, I went back to Spain to work with the Department of the Health Promotion in Valencia and after that I want to do a PhD."