Amy Zheng, MSc Int Management and Business Dev

Amy Zheng

Amy studied the MSc International Management and Business Development course at GCU London. She tells us about her experience below:

“Before joining GCU London I did my Bachelor degree in China and was studying the Pre-Master's course at INTO GCU in Glasgow last year. I heard about GCU London through my tutors and friends when I was studying at INTO GCU.

After my Pre-Master's course at INTO GCU at Glasgow last year, I was pretty much convinced that GCU is the university where I want to complete my Masters course. GCU London campus is located in the centre of the city with advanced facilities, qualified faculty members, nice course structure, a good on-campus atmosphere, extra-curricular activities and the tuition fees are affordable.  All these attracted me to apply to study at GCU London.

I chose my course because I am interested in business and when I graduate I would have the option of entering a wide variety of functions, which I feel is a huge advantage.

I really like the structure of the programme at GCU London and the course is very broad and therefore allows me to develop the knowledge and understanding of different aspects of management and business, from strategies and finance to leadership and managing change.

For me, the highlight of my course was definitely the opportunity to gain work experience in an internship in London through the External Engagement activities as part of programme coursework. Interning for a company also helped me to learn how my classroom knowledge applies to real situations and strengthen my resume. It also gives me a valuable insight into my future career.

I was attracted to GCU London by its reputation and research excellence. I found that the well-experienced professors guide and encourage students to think independently and critically.  I believe this is the most important thing I have learnt during my time at GCU London.

I think London is the top choice for international students looking to study abroad. London is a global financial centre, full of learning resources and endless opportunities. Wherever you walk, you will always discover something new.

London also is a great place for students to have fun. There are more than a hundred cinemas, parks and music venues and more than thousands of restaurants to enjoy food from around the world, as well as many bars and pubs to enjoy with your friends.

Being a student here is really fun. Everyone is very co-operative and friendly. Students at GCU London have the opportunity to meet a variety of people from over the world, and to exchange cultures and knowledge.”