Short Stay Accommodation

Looking for accommodation in London can be very daunting, especially when you may have a very short time to decide.

If you are struggling with where to live and need somewhere quickly whilst making your decision, or your contract doesn't start for a couple of weeks, there is short stay accommodation available which may be the answer.

Short Stays are best available in the form of homestays with Host Families - staying with a UK family, who are the landlord. They can be a great experience for new students as you can learn about UK culture, food and develop your English language skills. Homestays are also some of the most affordable short stays available.

This option is particularly useful for students needing to study a English Language Courses over the summer.

During the summer iQ Hoxton and Shoreditch offer good value accommodation within 20 minute walk of GCU London. Term stays can be flexible from as little as a week’s stay. To find out more get in touch with iQ:

T: 0207 611 2123

Homestay: Host Families

HFS London is a British Council registered agency, specialising in Homestay accommodation for International Students in London.

With over 1500 available host families in most areas of London across zones 1 – 4, HFS offers affordable flexible accommodation available as short or long stays.

Tel: +44 (0)20 7510 9920