Learning Development

Learning Development at GCU London

GCU London supports learning development through the provision of an Academic Development Tutor, an English for Academic Purposes Tutor and additional support from the Academic Librarians.

We offer support to all our students, home and international, full-time and part-time, masters or PhD. We provide face-to-face and online academic support through a combination of workshops, small group sessions, one-to-one appointments, self-teach guides and tailored teaching within modules. The support available to students is provided in a professional and encouraging environment enabling them to develop the skills required to succeed at university and in their future employment.

You will be a member of the London Learning Development Centre for New and Returning Students – this is an organisation in GCU Learn. Here you will be able to access resources from our workshops and receive any announcements from us. When you progress to research project or dissertation you will be added to a separate organisation where you will find our resources related to this stage of your programme.

You can find lots of resources to help you prepare for online learning with GCU Go

Below is a guide to help you access development opportunities at GCU London:

Academic Development Tutor Appointments

  • If you want to improve your academic writing and address feedback on your assignments

  • If you need help structuring your work

  • If you would like to develop strategies to plan your time and academic work

  • If you’re unsure if your writing fits the requirements of your current programme

Email Anne.Chapman@gcu.ac.uk, our Academic Development Tutor, for a one-to-one appointment on Monday morning, Tuesday, Wednesday morning or Friday. There will be a mixture of in-person and online appointments available. Contact Anne for more details. 

Academic English Appointments

  • If you require help to make notes and put information into your own words

  • If you find it difficult to understand the language your lecturers are using

  • If you need to develop your grammar or written English during key assessment periods you will be able to make one-to-one appointment with Matthew Thomas on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons.

Details of when apointments are available and how to book will be announced via the London Learning Development Centre organisations in GCU Learn. 


  • If you would like help with GCU Harvard referencing or need a refresher in RefWorks

  • If you are unsure how to search for academic resources for your assessment

Speak to Julie or Ellen (Librarians) in the library, email gculondonlibrary@gcu.ac.uk or use the links on the Library homepage.

Module Content

  • If you don’t understand what you’ve been taught about your subject

  • If you feel unsure about the information you need to include for your assessment

Speak to your module leader or check module information on GCULearn.

GCU Learn

  • If you need help with GCU Learn

There is lots of information about using GCU Learn available on GCU Go’s GCU Learn pages


  •  If you need help with your ICT skills

Try these self-teach materials for software applications (courtesy of GSBS Learning Development Centre).

Contact us:

If you have any queries regarding the academic development opportunities at GCU London, please email Anne.Chapman@gcu.ac.uk