Opening a UK Bank Account


One of the most important things for you to do when first arriving in the UK is to open a bank account to keep your money safe and accessible. In the UK there are a number of banks to choose from and each has different offers on their accounts, so research them all and choose the best fit for you.

GCU London is located in the heart of what is called The City; the financial heart of London. All of the banks are within easy reach of campus helping you sort out your finances.

Hints and Tips

  • Banking & Finance - if you wish to transfer money from an international account to the UK, some banks offer zero charges on these transactions - look into the terms and conditions
  • Beware of unarranged overdrafts - if you spend more money than you have in your account you will be charged and have to pay interest on each day overdrawn.
  • If you plan to travel around the UK, some banks offer free railcards which give you discounted rail fares.
  • Choose online banking - it is much more flexible and you can do your banking on the move; most banks now have apps you can download to your Smart Phone.

Banks available