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Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, all careers appointments are taking place virtually. To book an appointment with a careers advisor, please book an appointment via CareerHub. Please first ensure you have registered with CareerHub following the instructions below.

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The Careers Service at GCU aims to provide quality, effective careers guidance, advice and information to empower students and graduates to make informed decisions about their careers, learning and continuing professional development.

The Careers Service website provides a range of careers resources to help you with every stage of the career planning and job hunting process such as:

  • Job search - for part-time, placement, graduate and international graduate jobs
  • CVs, applications and interviews - a selection of online resources and DVDs
  • Practice psychometric tests - one of the GCU London students said: 'An amazing tool to really get a feel for the kind of questions/tests that may appear when applying for jobs!'  
  • International students - a range of careers resources and information for international students prepared by GCU Careers Glasgow

Careers Service online leaflets

Meet with GCU London's careers consultant

If, after completing your own research using this website, you still have further questions related to your individual circumstances or career options then our new careers consultant could help.

Come along to the fortnightly Careers Success workshops or book an individual appointment to get advice and ideas. These are normally run by Sandra Rhule, GCU London's careers consultant.

To book an appointment, careers clinic or practice interview you must first be registered with CareerHub. If you are registered, book by clicking here. If you are not registered with CareerHub please register first by following these instructions:

How to register on CareerHub


If you are a current student and did not opt-in to use CareerHub during student registration you need to give your consent (please wait 24 hours for access to be given). Once you have access, go to the student login. Your username and password will be the same as your university username and password.


If you are a graduate of the last two years you can register here (click ‘new user’ to register as a graduate). Graduates login

Further information (Graduate prospects)

What jobs would suit me? (Career Planner)
Job hunting – action plan
Job hunting - networking
Applying for jobs