PhD supervisors' research interests

GCU London based PhD supervisors’ research interests are listed below. If your area of interest matches any of the supervisors, please get in touch with the supervisor via email to begin exploring opportunities.

Madhu Acharyya

  • Financing climate change risks with the blend of insurance and capital market products through public and private partnership
  • Corporate Reputation, sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance of Multinational Corporations
  • Managing default risk of small and medium size enterprises using microfinance (micro credit) in ‎major macro-economic crisis
  • ‎Value Creation, Sustainable Growth and corporate performance - the case of implementing Enterprise Risk Management programme

Dane Lukic

  • learning processes in different contexts
  • organisational and workplace learning
  • intercultural competence
  • organisational dynamics
  • human resource development
  • intersectoral and interdisciplinary research

Ruth Marciniak

  • Digital and Social Media Marketing in the Fashion and Lifestyle Sector
  • Fashion Retail Strategy and Experential Retailing
  • Fashion and Lifestyle Branding
  • Omnichannel Fashion Retailing
  • Methodology: Qualitative Research