Muna Alhammadi

Muna Alhammadi

I’m a full-time PhD student. Prior to joining the PhD programme, I occupied the position of Executive Director in the Vice chancellor’s office at UAE University, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. I completed my BSc (Hons) Geological Science and received Master’s degree in Water Resources (MSc) from UAE University. I was appointed as an Academic Assistant in the Geology Department for two years as an Academic Manager of the Academic Support Unit,  where I was responsible for providing office management and technical services to the Academic Affairs Office. In 2010, I was promoted to become the Executive Director of the Vice Chancellor’s office and I am still holding that position. During this period, I gained experience and developed my professional skills. Being the Executive Director at the Vice Chancellor’s Office, I directed and provided administrative leadership and management services to the VC Office to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency. I was also appointed as a Director of the Alumni Program at UAE University. In addition, I was managing the international cooperation to strengthen efforts of UAEU through collaboration with reputed international institutions among the top universities in the world. My duties included following-up on MoU's, signing with universities and other institutions to enrich programs such as the Fulbright Scholar program, students exchange and internship.

The experience of studying at PhD level at GCU London has been very positive. Students are encouraged to present their work during PhD club meetings which really helped to hone my own presentation skills. The debates and critique from my supervisors and fellow colleagues helped to shape my work. The PhD journey has been an ongoing challenging experience for me but it is made easier by the excellent support and encouragement I receive from my supervisors, colleagues and the faculty at the London campus.


  • Title: Towards Implementing Effective Succession Planning Strategies in the UAE Public Sector
  • Main Supervisors: Prof. David Edger and Dr. Peter Duncan

Specialisms & Interest

  • Succession planning Management,
  • Critical Success Factors,
  • UAE public sector,
  • Petroleum Geology,
  • Water Resources,
  • Geographical Information System,
  • Remote Sensing.

Current Research

My current research is on the investigation of the most important success factors of Succession Planning that lead to implement the Succession Planning effectively in UAE public sector.