Alexandra Garrett

Alexandra Garrett

Alexandra Garrett, a luxury brand marketing specialist, was a GCU London House of Fraser MBA scholar who achieved distinction in her MBA Luxury Brand Management. She is currently working in the luxury industry and developing her own luxury consultancy whilst completing her PhD studies on a part-time basis at GCU London.


  • Internationalization of luxury brands: the role and function of airport retail in a luxury brands marketing strategy
  • Supervisors: Dr Ruth Marciniak and Professor John Lennon

 Specialisms and iInterest

  • Concept creation and brand building
  • Creative direction, positioning and brand architecture
  • Business model development
  • Business and marketing planning
  • Market research and analysis
  • Social media communications strategy development

 Current research

Alexandra’s current research investigates the unique airport environment, which requires particular understanding and consequently seeks to examine the role airport retail plays in the luxury sector, focusing on strategy generation for luxury brands wishing to expand into airport retail without compromising control, exclusivity and original brand experience, whilst remaining appealing to the changing passenger mix.

Alexandra is also currently working on a number of academic journal articles in the field of HR, with a particular focus on employer branding.