Abrar Hamdan Alsharif

E: Alsharif.Hamdan@gcu.ac.uk
T: +44 7450000089

Abrar Hamdan AlsharifI am a full time Phd student focusing on the influence of electronic word-of-mouth on business tourism in Saudi Arabia. I completed my Master’s degree in Design and Branding Strategy in Brunel University and I chose Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) as a case study for my dissertation. My background also include employment as a marketing assistant, which fostered my interest in marketing tourism and use of digital media for attracting tourism.

I am currently in the 4th of my PhD study. My supervisory team consist of Dr Ruth Marciniak (Director of Study, specialism in e-branding and e-marketing); Professor David Edgar (2nd Supervisor, specialism in strategy and business transformation and; Dr John Harris (specialism in international sport and event management).

My academic skills have improved by the experience of study in GCU London, which provides an opportunity for me to attend seminars, PhD club meetings, presentations and internal conferences. These help me to receive a feedback in my PhD research and helps me to develop my presentation skills.


  • Title: The influence of electronic word of mouth (EWOM) in Saudi tourism: Testing the theory of Information adoption to assess user attitudes and behaviour intention
  • Supervisor: Dr. Ruth Marciniak, Dr. John Harris, Prof. David Edgar.
  • School, GCU London

Specialisms & Interest

  • E-marketing, E-branding, Destination branding, Tourism, business travellers, Electronic word-of-mouth (EWOM), Consumer search behaviour.

Current Research

  • My current research investigates the influence of electronic word-of-mouth on business tourism, who have used EWOM in Saudi Arabia to search for travel, leisure and tourism activities and how this could have an effect on attitude and behavioural intention.

Selected publications

  • ‘Understanding the Influence of Information Timeliness and Ranking in EWOM on Travellers to Saudi Arabia: Using a Theory of Elaboration Likelihood Model and Attitudes’, 21st International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications, Middlesex University, 7th-8th April 2016