Professor Alan Murray

Andy Murray

Date: Wednesday 18th March 2015
Time: 1pm
Room: Room 1.1
Topic: The Circular Economy: An interdisciplinary exploration of the concept and its application in a global context

Speaker: Professor Alan Murray

Speaker biography

Professor Alan Murray holds the Hoare Chair in Responsible Management in the Faculty of Business, Law and Sport, at Winchester Business School. Following careers in both the public and private sectors Alan entered academia in 2001 as a lecturer in accounting at Sheffield University.

Between 2001 and 2010 he served on the Executive Committees of both the British Academy of Management and the British Accounting and Finance Association. In 2006, he also instigated the establishment of the British Academy of Management Special Interest Group in Corporate Social Responsibility (now renamed as the Sustainable and Responsible Management SIG), and became its founding Chair and he remains on the Steering Committee. He was part of the original UN Global Compact Taskforce which developed the Principles of Responsible management Education in 2006/7. Alan was also instrumental in lobbying the UN Global Compact Office to introduce regional networks and became the founding Chair of the Regional Chapter representing the UK and Ireland.

Alan has received grant funding from the ESRC for a Seminar Series, from which a book, Corporate Social Responsibility: A Research Handbook was published in 2013. Alan and his colleagues have been successful with a second ESRC Seminar Series, obtaining a further grant of £30,000 for a series entitled: ‘Architects of a Better World: Building the Post 2015 Business Engagement Architecture’, which will run between 2015 -2018.

Professor Murray has published several books, articles and book chapters within this field, notably co-authoring ‘Corporate Responsibility’ with Michael Blowfield, published by Oxford University Press in 2008. A second edition, published in 2011, won the Chartered Management Institute’s ‘Management Book of the Year 2011-12’, and a third edition was published in 2014.

Seminar brief

Guidance in implementing strategies for sustainable development has long been desired by industry. The concept of Circular Economy represents the most recent attempt to integrate economic activity and environmental wellbeing in a sustainable way. This set of ideas has been adopted by China as the basis of their economic development (included in both the 11th and the 12th ‘Five Year Plan’), putting at the forefront of western policymakers and NGOs.

Professor Murray's talk traces the conceptualisations and origins of the Circular Economy, tracing its meanings and exploring its roots in economics and ecology, and discusses how the Circular Economy has been used in business and policy. This talk will show that while the Circular Economy places emphasis on the redesign of processes and cycling of materials, which may contribute to more sustainable business models, it also contains tensions and limitations. Professor Murray will also propose a revised definition of the Circular Economy at this talk.