Dr Yasmin K. Sekhon

Date: 9 December 2015
Time: 4 – 5:30pm
Room: 3.7
Topic: Consumption Patterns of Second Generation Immigrants: Luxury Fashion Choices

Speaker: Dr Yasmin K. Sekhon

Dr Yasmin Sekhon

‌Seminar brief

The seminar explores and discusses the consumption patterns of second generation immigrants, focusing in particular on Asian Indians living in the UK. The work presents a research study examining the acculturation and identity of second generation Indians. It focuses on how they balance their lives between two cultures and reflects on the nature of second generation integration in light of cultural context, situation factors, ethnicity and consumption, presenting the conflicts and tensions experienced by participants. The influence of a bi-cultural identity is discussed further in the context of luxury consumption and luxury fashion choices.

Speaker biography

Dr Yasmin K. Sekhon is Lecturer in Luxury Brand Management and Pathway leader of MA (Design) Luxury Brand Management at WSA (University of Southampton). She gained her doctorate at the University of Birmingham. Her areas of research include the consumption patterns of first and second-generation immigrants, the consumption of luxury brands, the meaning and significance of luxury across cultures as well as the study of materialism in cross-cultural settings.

She has published in a number of academic journals from Consumption, Markets and Culture Journal, Academy of Marketing Review, Non- profit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, International Journal of Market Research amongst others. She is also on the editorial board of the International Journal of Market Research. She was also Associate editor of the Journal of Marketing Management.

Her research has been supported by HEIF and ESRC and as a result she has been able to organise research seminars as well run industry workshops and develop high-ranking publications.


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