Dr. Sabina Siebert

Dr. Sabina SiebertDr. Sabina Siebert

Date: Wednesday 11th Feb 2015

Time: 2pm

Room: 1.1

Topic: Organisational trust repair: British bankers’ justifications in the aftermath of the global financial crisis

Speaker biography:

Sabina Siebert, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer in Management in the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow. Her research interests include organisational trust and trust repair, sociology of the professions, organisational reputations and management in the creative industries.

In conducting her research in these fields, she draws on a range of qualitative methodologies including discourse analysis, narrative analysis and organisational ethnography.

She has published in various academic journals including Work Employment and Society, Social Science and Medicine, Journal of Workplace Learning and Public Policy and Administration. She teaches in the areas of creativity and innovation, change management, and organisational behaviour.

Seminar brief

Organisational trust repair has become an important topic for researchers in organisation studies and for managers, especially following recent corporate governance crises and the global financial crisis.

The trust repair strategies most commonly used by senior managers, and discussed in the literature on trust repair are apology, denial, reticence, excuse, promise, financial compensation and justifications. In this presentation Dr. Siebert will focus specifically on one trust repair strategy – justifications used by senior banking leaders in the aftermath of the global financial crisis.

The presentation is based on the analysis of evidence from a UK Parliamentary committee, which was intended to British bring bankers ‘into the dock’ (by Siebert, Simpson & Martin). Dr. Siebert will offer an alternative conceptualisation of the rhetorical strategies used by the bankers when faced with widespread public disapproval of the governance of banks and bankers’ behaviour.