Ziglio, Erio

Dr Erio Ziglio

Visiting Professor in Public Health
GCU London
Dr Erio Ziglio is a Visiting Professor at GCU London.

Erio is internationally renowned on the world stage of public health. Erio has been a scientist with the World Health Organization, European Office for over 20 years. At the WHO he was responsible for the Health Promotion and Investment Programme and in 2003 he was appointed as Head of the WHO European Office for Investment for Health and Development before his retirement on 1 October 2014.

The mission of this Office was to provide scientific evidence and technical assistance to European countries of the WHO Region in the area of the social and economic determinants of health. The Office is specifically responsible for providing technical services to Member States on issues related to health and development; poverty reduction and health promotion strategies; economic and social determinants of population health.

In addition to his work with the WHO, Erio has several years of professional experience in research and academia both in Europe and North America. He received his PhD in Social Policy from the University of Edinburgh in 1985.

Erio has lectured internationally and published widely on the subjects of health inequities, health promotion, health policy and planning, futures research, and health and development.

Erio is currently working at University of Applied Sciences Tyrol, Austria and La Laguna University, Tenerife, Spain.

Erio is also Honorary Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Tyrol, Austria and Guest Lecturer at the Management Centre Innsbruck.

Erio has collaborated with Professor Antony Morgan for a number of years and co-edited with him the book: Health Assets in a Global Context: Theory Methods Action.