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2020 Winners

The GCU London Alumni of the Year Winners 2020


GCU to honour all GCU Heroes

Our warmest, most heartfelt congratulations to our GCU Heroes, all of whom receive the Alumni of the Year Award 2020!

Previously, a small number of alumni receive the award each year, in recognition of their contribution, be it within their industry, for the Common Good or to the University.

However, it was only right that our 2020 Alumni of the Year Awards honour all of our incredible alumni who are contributing in a variety of, but equally vital ways, using their skills and good character to support the pandemic efforts. We are proud of each and every one of you and cannot thank you enough for continuing to make a difference, for the Common Good.

Thank you all on behalf of the entire GCU Community.

2019 Winners

The GCU London Alumni of the Year Winners 2019

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Melodie Andreas
MSc International Fashion Marketing 2014
Key Account Manager, Tommy Sports and Calvin Klein

Melodie has worked for some of the biggest fashion labels in the UK, and is currently Key Account Manager for Calvin Klein in London. 

After graduation, she volunteered at Paris Fashion Week as an intern with designer Zac Posen, immediately followed by an internship with fashion house Paul Costelloe & Sons in London. Since then, she has held positions with Burberry as a Showroom Assistant, and UGG as Marketing Assistant and Account Manager.  She secured her role as Account Manager for CK Jeans and Tommy Jeans a mere 2 years after graduation.

"I am very grateful for this award and for the University! With the help of incredible teachers and industry experts as well as a very relevant curriculum throughout, I feel my year at GCU really helped to shape me and prepare me for the ever changing and dynamic fashion industry."

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Nicole Mbarga
MSc Public Health 2015, GCU London
Assistant Medical Coordinator, Médecins Sans Frontières Suisse, Cameroon.

Founder of Women in Global Health Cameroon (WGH Cameroon)

Nicole is a medical Doctor, currently juggling her research work and volunteering activities, with her role as Assistant Medical Coordinator with Doctors Without Borders in Cameroon. She supports staff health, disease surveillance as well as other health activities.

Since 2016, she has been a Mentor at the Health and Human Development (2HD) Network, to final year medical students conducting research to fulfil graduation requirements. She has also been a team lead during medical missions organised by the Patcha Foundation which champions free cancer screening and consultations for the most vulnerable people. She has worked with International Medical Corps in the Far North Region of Cameroon as part of the response to the influx of Nigerian refugees and internally displaced people fleeing Boko Haram. She is an advocate of gender equality in global health and in 2019 she initiated Women in Global Health Cameroon National Chapter. Nicole is an alumnus of the Young African Leadership Initiative since 2017. In 2019, after a thorough application procedure, she joined the Afyabora Fellowship in Global Health Leadership.

"Like a cornerstone, GCU London forged my career, ambitions and aspirations. I am thrilled and immensely privileged to receive the GCU London Alumni Award 2019 in recognition of my struggle and its little impact."
2018 Winner

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Erika Alvarez
GCU London Alumna of the Year 2018
Founder and Creative Director Koua Mexico and Mexzik Home, fashion blogger
In recognition of her early career achievements and entrepreneurship in fashion and design
MSc International Fashion Marketing 2014

Erika was born and raised in Mexico, with her father encouraging her to get a ‘normal’ job to ensure financial stability. She originally attended Universidad Iberoamericana, Ciudad de México and got a degree in business.

Erika said:

"I am deeply honoured at being named the GCU London Alumnus of the Year 2018. Especially from the institution that was the basis for my career. Something that was just a dream when I started my programme at GCUL now is a reality and all the effort and hard work is being recognised. This is a huge motivation for me to continue believing on my dreams and to work harder for the new projects coming."

After graduation, Erika worked for a telecommunications company until she was 25. However, she always wanted to pursue her childhood dream of having her own fashion brand and in 2013 she quit her job and came to London to study International Fashion Marketing at GCU London, with her dissertation on online business. She then completed four unpaid internships to gain more experience and insight; in marketing within a luxury concierge agency, with a hat maker and designer, in a wholesale Chinese clothing brand and lastly in a video marketing company. 

With the dream of setting up her own business, she went back to Mexico for a year to research and get in touch with local communities for potential products. She came back to London and built two successful brands: Koua (fashion) and Mextik (home decor), both founded in late 2014/early 2015, immediately after graduation from GCU London. 

Her brands are top quality, bringing Mexican style to the UK, with elegant and impressive marketing. The businesses also aim to be fairtrade, as Erika strives to give back to communities in Mexico. 

After 3 years and 2 video campaigns she is planning the next collection for Koua and recently entered into a business venture with a Mexican company in London to jointly create the biggest online platform for Mexican products.