Professor Antony Morgan, an internationally renowned expert in the field of asset based public health, became Dean of GCU London in 2016. He joined the University in 2012 as Programme Leader for the Public Health Masters Programme (now MPH Master of Public Health).

Working for the last 30 years for a range of public sector organisations at local, regional and national levels, he has developed a track record for leading large multi-disciplinary teams of research and technical staff to deliver evidence based programmes for health and service delivery. Previous to joining GCU he was an Associate Director at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) responsible for the strategic development and delivery of programmes to raise standards and the quality of public health policy, practice and research in English Health and Social Care systems.

Professor Morgan has a strong academic portfolio. He has a wide breadth of research expertise in adolescent health, the theory and methods of public health policy and practice, health inequalities and asset based health and development. He is widely published and has held honorary research positions with the University of Edinburgh, City University and the University of Hertfordshire. He is also currently an honorary professor at the Andalusian School of Public Health in Granada, Spain and a research fellow at St Andrews Medical School in Scotland.

He has an extensive global network of colleagues working towards similar population health goals which have been developed through his involvement in numerous international initiatives. Most notably through his work at with the World Health Organisation and his collaboration with the Universidad de Desarrollo, in Chile.

Professor Morgan originally trained as an applied chemist and later in information science and epidemiology. A graduate of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, his doctoral research was in the field of positive social approaches to adolescent health and wellbeing.

He was awarded the position of Fellow of the UK’s Faculty of Public Health in 2006 in recognition of his services to public health. He is currently Associate Editor for Global Health Promotion.

Antony is passionate about contributing to a society that provides the best opportunity for empowered individuals and communities to be connected for the common good, whether that be for health goals or wider life achievement and societal benefits.